You’re a Life Saver! 

No, but seriously. I’m pretty sure you all saved my life.


It’s been a long 17 months. There have been a few glimmers of hope during that time, but all in all, it’s been very dark. There’s a very good reason why it’s been over six months since my last newsletter and blog. I know some of you struggled as well. The statistics were staggering and many of us are still trying to find our way out of this nightmare. There has been a lot of loss in my world. Loss is a part of life, but the tragedy of Covid was that we all had to suffer our losses without our hands on support systems helping us through.


As some of our world begins to see improvements in the pandemic situation, live music is starting to trickle back into our way of life. Tentative performances at festivals are now confirmed to go ahead. I will once again be EMPLOYED… and it couldn’t come soon enough. The pandemic financial strain has officially left me vulnerable. Again, I tell you this because I know some of you are in the same boat (anybody got an extra paddle?!).


Now more than ever I find myself in a position where I need to start actively looking for sponsorship and patronage if I’m going to see this career through to the end of my days. Literally. Have you ever met a ‘retired’ musician? I will likely die with my boots on and I’m ok with that. 🙂


But back to this whole ‘you saving my life’ thing.


I really owe you. I have known myself to be a performer from as far back as I can remember. I was obsessed with being onstage from the time I started school (likely before that even). Performance gave me a literal platform to showcase my thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. Thoughts people journal, I was able to shout out for the world to hear… or at least my church congregation and later every small bar crowd along the Highway 401 corridor. Performance has supported my daughter and I for 17 years. I found out I was pregnant just seven months after going full-time into music. She’s been a part of my journey from the get-go. My passion was never a hobby - it was always my first love, my soul’s work, a life sentence.


When live performance was shut down, along with many other industries, I lost more than my job. I lost my identity. Some days the ONLY thing besides my daughter that kept me going was your online interactions, your emails and messages of support, your CD and t-shirt sales… things that reminded me you enjoyed my music. You let me know you value what I do. Even on the days where I didn’t see the value in ANYTHING I did, you still showed me support.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


You quite literally saved my life.


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