Putting the ‘New’ in New Year! 

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog… I am NOT buying, replacing or upgrading material things this year in any type of excess. Instead, I’ve decided to use this year as an opportunity to look at how far I’ve come in recent years and create some ‘new’ goals. Aspiring to take this career as far as I can potentially means growth in a multitude of ways, which really excites me!  Who knew this industry would open up for me as I entered my 40s?! Hahaha…  I feel like a bit of a unicorn right now and my biggest goal is to share the magic I feel with as many people on this planet as possible this year. Just by reading this, I’m hoping you're feeling some of the magic flowing your way.  Are you smiling? Are you imagining what exciting times might be in store for YOU this year?? I hope so. 🙂

With the uncertainty life brings (and let me tell you, I think we’ve all had a mega dose of that reality in recent years!) there also comes a time to re-evaluate what’s most important in life.  While that list tends to vary from person to person, I hope yours includes love.  Be it the love of people, places or experiences, when we focus our attention on what brings us love and joy, we become better spreaders of love and joy to others. Don’t take my word for it, pick up just about any self-help book these days and they’ll say a version of the same. (Yes - I have finished a LOT of self-help audio books this past year!)

I spent a huge chunk of Autumn 2022 on the road.  With tours in Canada, the UK and Europe, as well as some showcasing in the US, I met so many new people and reunited with lots of old friends and music lovers.  Six and a half of nine weeks was spent promoting my new album ‘Defined By Love’ and supporting my favourite charity Light Of Day Foundation that raises money for Parkinson’s Disease Research (as well as other neurological diseases).  The ‘feel good’ factor was off the charts, but being away from my daughter for such a large amount of time of an entire season was epically challenging.  Good to know there’s still so much of my existence in this industry I’m learning about and learning what works and perhaps doesn’t work for me.  Family first.  Always.  I’ll use what I’ve learned this past year to make this year even more of a success, both personally and professionally.

Here’s to 2023, my friends!  May it bring ‘new’ opportunities, ‘new’ challenges that help us develop and grow and ‘new’ magic. Lots and lots of new magic.  🙂

xo -Emily


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