Maple Blues Award Nominations 

So there I was…just taking a quick moment between album demo takes to check my email. I opened a new message from my publicist Eric Alper that was a forward with “Maple Blues Awards” as the subject and only three words he’d written: “Way to go!” Something super cool had happened, but I could never have guessed to what extent.


I can’t fully recount what happened next, but my long time friend and sound man Geoff Chown, sitting only about two feet away from me, must have jumped when I immediately burst into tears bellowing “NO WAY!!!!” through my sobs. As I read on, the sobs got bigger and the words I was exclaiming became no doubt indecipherable.


New Artist of the Year?!


Female Vocalist of the Year?!


Entertainer of the Year??????!!!!!!!!




Someone is noticing?!


Someone cares?!


There was my name - next to so many names I recognize and admire in the Canadian music community. It was a moment I’ll never forget and I immediately reached for my phone to send a video message to my Facebook followers to let them know the incredible news and to thank them for their support.


It’s an ugly video. Hahahaha…I’m not gonna lie. A few hours after posting I thought “Emily, really?!” So much ugly crying that my best friend sent me a screenshot and texted me so we could have a good little laugh. Classic Emily. A bit dramatic but authentic nonetheless. Regardless, the outpouring of love and support and enthusiasm warmed my heart. I have so many supporters that have been going to my shows for 15-20 years. No lie. No exaggeration. For them, this is a celebratory moment as well.


I say it all the time - it takes a village to raise a ME.


I am so grateful for the continued love and enthusiasm of my supporters. I am thankful for an encouraging family in both my childhood and adulthood. I am so fortunate that those responsible for organizing nominees for this upcoming Maple Blues Awards felt I was worthy of some significant recognition. I wish I could shake your hands and thank you all personally from the bottom of my heart. This has put new wind in my sails. I will continue to work harder and even more passionately to create music and performance moments that you enjoy and feel are worthy of your time and support.


Voting is underway and will end December 1st. The awards will be held at Koerner Hall in Toronto on February 3rd. No matter the outcome, I am beyond excited to be acknowledged among so many prestigious artists. These are truly great, great honours to be considered for.


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