Happy New Year, Everyone! 

I had a three hour phone conversation with my agent last week.  We covered a lot of ground and at the end of the conversation I was left considerably more informed on what my year is going to look like.


With some hope and luck, I will be fully back in business by Spring of 2022.


I’m not kidding.


This year might grant us a handful of gigs from late summer onwards, I’m told.  Perhaps our vaccination rollouts in Canada will pick up steam and we will be busier this summer than we anticipated.  It’s all up in the air right now, like many other things.  In the mean time, we continue our vigilance. We maintain our united front as citizens of the world, all eager to once again be together safely.


It is most important to me to wish you all health, safety, love and light.  I will continue to bring you music via the internet with livestreams and Miss Emily Mondays videos. If you continue to watch my videos and share my music, then I will continue to bring it to you on social media and other online platforms.  That’s my commitment to you.  We are all here for each other however we can be and knowing that continues to get me through some of my darker days.


I also look forward to releasing an over-due studio album later this year.  Thank you so much for the love you’ve shown the Miss Emily LIVE at The Isabel album.  That album filled a void for me with it’s release this past autumn and now we are focused on finding a way to bring the new studio material into the light.


In the mean time, the year begins with a Songs & Stories ticketed livestream on Saturday, January 30th at 8pm EST and the launch of Valentine Singing Telegrams. Watch my social media pages for more info!


Here’s to good things ahead!


All the best,


Emily 🙂


PS: Happy 70th Birthday, Mom!!! xo


MANAGER – Gord Hunter - management@themissemily.com

Canadian, UK & European Booking: management@themissemily.com

USA Agent/Booking: Black Oak Artists / Rae Jean Erickson - raejean@blackoakartists.com